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Few of us have the courage to take risks, ignore our fears and achieve our dreams. So we resist. We often justify our inaction with a host of excuses.

Each of us is born with unique and unlimited potential. We are given the opportunity to do what no one has ever done before and to leave the world a better place than we found it.

Try, for a moment, to envision how you can impact another human who shares our planet. Ask yourself, "What if I were you?" What if I had your background, your experiences, responsibilities, challenges and dreams—what would I be like?

For even the most challenged persons among us, just a tiny spark of hope can be fanned into a blazing inferno of possibility. Biographies of the great are sprinkled with accounts of how one caring person looked closely enough to see a spark no one else saw. The history books are full of stories of gifted persons whose dormant talents were overlooked until someone believed in them.

If someone has ever given you a part of themselves because they recognized potential in you, how could you repay them? If asked, they most likely would say, "Pass it on". And that is precisely what International Community Builders now beckons you to do.

Why not "pass on" those years of valued training and skills to those in your community who daily struggle with problems you’ve already mastered? Spend some time lifting the spirits and fortunes of a weary mom. Coach a child who is ready to fall through the cracks.

We challenge you to dig deeper, look farther, reach higher, and discover more ways to make every person count. Please look at the Volunteer Application page to see if this opportunity will work for you.

"We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give."
- Sir Winston Churchil

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